3 Ways to Keep Your Flowers Fresh

I have such an affinity for fresh flowers, especially in my home.  My great-grandparents owned a flower shop and while I may not have grown up around it, the love must run strong in through blood.  There is something about the smell and the lightness that fresh flowers bring to a room that brighten my mood. I just celebrated a birthday and was overwhelm by all the bouquets of flowers sent by family, friends, co-workers and of course, my boyfriend, Billy.  With that said, I have a lot of flowers to keep alive and this is how I am doing it.


One: Cut the Stems

Always cut the stems initially and at an angle.  This is not a one time job, if I see that they start to look limp I will cut them again.  I also will remove some of the leaves or peddles if they start to die.


Two:  Change the water

Would you want to sit in the same bath water for days?  Nope and neither do your flowers.  Flowers drink a lot of water and they need an abundance of water to not wilt.  Experts say that lukewarm water is best.

Three: Put the flowers in a large, clean container.

Choose a vase that is clean, to reduce any bacteria or other microorganism infecting your flowers.  Choosing a vase with a wide neck is very helpful when you are changing out the water.


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