Creating Your Own Holiday Traditions

Pick a Scent

My family’s house always has a certain smell at Christmas that I has never ceased to get old.  I chose a Thymes Frasier fir candle because it smells like I have a real tree.  Buying a candle with a specific scent means you can recreate the scent anywhere you go and in whatever house or home you may live in.

Choose a Day for Decorating

I love to start decorating on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  I am usually sad that the holiday has ended and already looking forward to the next one with my family, so Sunday is the perfect time to kick off the next celebration.

Choose 3 Movies for a Marathon

I love holiday movies!  My family has always had a specific one for Christmas Eve, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  I always think it’s fun to watch one every Sunday leading up to Christmas too.

Handwritten Christmas Cards

There is something so sweet about receiving a piece of hand written mail and it’s even better when it’s around the holidays.  Christmas cards are the perfect way to drop a nice little message in the mail to a long-lost friend or a family member you haven’t seen in a while.

Make a Recipe that is All Yours

You will always cherish your grandmother’s chocolate cake and your mother’s mac and cheese recipes, but maybe it’s time for you to have your very own recipe.  Pick something that sounds delicious to you and do some research.  Test out a few recipes and figure out what you like and what you don’t…soon enough you’ll have your own family recipe!

Friends Gift Exchange

Friends are like family when your in the post-college world and often the most fun to celebrate things with, so why not host a Christmas party with them.  Pick a date during the month of December and have a White Elephant Party or Secret Santa exchange.


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