Meditation: How to Start & Stick to it

One of my goals for 2018 was to really learn to be more centered, still and calm – meditation seemed like the perfect solution for achieving this goal.  Thankfully there are now plenty of apps out there to guide me through the process.  It can be difficult to quiet the mind and constant thoughts or to-dos running through it.  I started with the app, Headspace, and began by just laying on the bed with an eye mask on my eyes.  Honestly, the eye mask was a game changer when I first started because it helped with keeping my eyes closed and tuning out to what was going on around me.  The app will let you pick your time – I started with 3 minutes and now typically go for 15 minutes +.

Finding a routine:  It’s best to find a time that works for you at the same time every day, but it’s meant to relax you so don’t stress if you can’t fit it in at the same time. While most people chose to do it in the morning, I chose to do it right before bed.  I now do it while taking a bath.  It helps me to be really relax and clear my mind before falling asleep.

App Options: 

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