Our Mission:

Taylored Voyage is a lifestyle blog that aims to be the ultimate resource to a bride & all of her crew.  We have worked to create an online space that can spark new ideas, ease planning processes, and help you learn about a new tip, recipe or trend.

The articles in our space are meant for the women who are dreams, planners, learners, cooks, creators, travelers, best friends, boss ladies, brides, wives, and all those that are in-between.  Our goal is to help these women make the most of all the opportunities in front of them while showing them a real good time.

What is Taylored Weekend?

Taylored Voyage is a travel concierge service designed to Alleviate the stress of planning your trip, especially your Bachelorette Party.  Trip designers work with clients to curate the perfect getaway or event.  Taylored Voyage specializes in bachelorette trips and parties, girls getaways, mother/daughter and bespoke vacations.

Why Bachelorette Party Planning?

Two years ago I was living in New York working on the 34th of the Hearst tower in the Marie Claire office and I found that the women roaming the halls were attending a lot of bachelorette parties.  Most these women asked me all about New Orleans since I was a Louisianan.  My curiosity began on why there wasn’t a more streamlined process for Bachelorette Party planning.  When I moved home, I became the maid of honor for my now step-mom and was tasked with planning the bachelorette party.  There were plenty of forums and ideas, but no one with the in for getting me into the best restaurants or better yet booking me with deals.  Voila!  Taylored Weekend was born.

But since I also had such a love for curating content, staying in the know, and journaling what was going on in my life, I decided Taylored Weekend needed a twin. Taylored Voyage was born almost immediately to be a resource for brides and her krewe 😉

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